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RM560,000 to encourage catfish rearing ventures

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Source: nstonline

KUANTAN: The Pahang Fisheries Department has allocated RM560,000 as part of its efforts to encourage more people to venture into rearing catfish or ikan keli here.

The department's aquaculture unit chief Halina Hashim said 342 applicants from several districts in the state have signed up to be part of the project.

"To kick-start the project, each participant will receive two fibreglass fish tanks, 6,000 ikan keli fry and fish food worth between RM1,000 and RM1,500," she told New Straits Times yesterday.

Halina said each participant must also attend a one-day course arranged by the department to ensure they possess proper knowledge on rearing the catfish.

"The department hopes this project would attract more people, since it could also help to provide extra income to the households.

The catfish project, which began early this month, was also to attract more people here to eat freshwater fish.

Those interested in the project could obtain further information from the fisheries department in their respective districts.

The department has also launched a bid to promote catfish dishes in the state.

"The department has allocated RM70,000 for the promotional effort where various ikan keli dishes will be prepared for the public to savour."

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